Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wearable Lapghan?

Have you ever seen a really ugly afghan and thought to yourself: that would make an awesome skirt? Well, someone did.


Anonymous said...

i accually think its kinda pretty
just not for outside
someonething to wear inside in the winter

Michael said...

The model is kind of cute, I suppose. That would at least be a step up from the velvety pajamas that I see ladies around town wearing all the time.

Lothian said...

I agree, I think it is cute. Although like Halloroo said, nothing to go outside wearing.

Anonymous said...

My fear is that I would be wearing that thing, injure myself and and end up wearing it to the hospital..with my ugly fuzzy crocs. It would make a cute blanket though.

Kay said...

that is only acceptable to wear when answering the door when "interrupted"

Anonymous said...

You notice they photographed her laying down and that she weighs 87 pounds. I am thinking it might not be very flattering on anyone over 100 pounds or on anyone that had hips.

talulah gosh said...

i have a skirt sort of like this, except the colors are better--black with blue, olive green, and goldenrod flowers.
it's awesome

cannwin said...

It does look pretty comfy. But I don't think I'd wear it out. unless it was a different pattern... maybe.

Anonymous said...