Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meet Francois

OK, this little fella isn't being featured because I think he is stupid or pointless or anything, but simply because, for some odd reason, he makes me hungry. Yes my vegan followers, you can shoot me now.

Here is the pattern for those of you wanting a little crustacean of your own.


Vanessa said...

(Sung to the B52's hit)'They looked under a sock, but it wasn't a sock, it was a...Sock Lobsterrrrrrrr... Rock Lobsterrrr...shoodoobewop!

elisabetha said...

mmm...reminds me of Nova Scotia...i'd gladly have the little guy for dinner. you have such a cute blog! (and thanks for visiting mine!)

theatreknitter said...

i know someone who actually knit this as a gift for a friend who had their wedding in maine, so they have lots of lobster things in their home. it was a huge hit.

Anonymous said...