Monday, September 1, 2008

Mmmmmm, Breakfast.

In the mood for some bacon and eggs you say?

This is a bag. Not sure what kind, it just says "bag".

Best part is, you have to BUY all of these patterns!! Yes that is right, you must pay to knit your very own fried goodness!


joyce said...

Well, it might be more life-like than the plastic pretend food for a child's play kitchen...

But, is the brown thing suppose to be a sausage link? Way too much grease for me. Where is the toast or biscuit?

whywouldyouknitthat said...

Good point, but the top egg is actually a pot holder and the lower one is a bag. I might be comfortable setting a hot pot on the fried egg, but you would never catch me using it to hold something hot! Plus I think there are much cuter ones out there.

Procrastinateher said...
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Anonymous said...