Sunday, September 7, 2008

Awesomely Funny and Adding Labels

As you may or may not have noticed (who am I kidding, why would you notice) I haven't been using labels for my blog entries. It is tough to come up with a list of possible labels with so few posts, but today, inspired by my latest entry, I am going to finally add labels. I'm sure the list will grow with time, but here is what we have for now:

General Offenders:
Could be worse, but still begs the question: "Why would you knit that?"

Honorable Mention:
Somewhat pointless, not hideous, could even be the most adorable thing ever, but still not worth the time and effort to knit/crochet, etc.

Avert Your Eyes:
Look away people, these are the crème de la crème, the bread and butter, certain to make your scratch your head, and possibly your eyes.

Freaking Awesome
Just too damn funny/cool to fall into any other category.

.....which brings me to today's entry:
No your eyes aren't playing tricks on is a Vagina tissue cover.


Lisa said...


You're right...


joyce said...

Forgive me for asking, but hasn't this pattern been around a long time? Seems like I have seen this before...a long time a gallaxy far, far away.

whywouldyouknitthat said...

The pattern probably has been around a long time, but I think Vaginas are like leggings, they are making a comeback.

Anonymous said...

That's naughty!

Katherine said...

For me, it's not so much the vagina tissue holder, but that the vagina tissue holder in the photo has a price tag tied to it. Making it for yourself or for someone who would "get it" as a joke gift is fine, but selling it?

WordyGrrl said...

Sing along! "How much for the cootchie with the tissues? The one with the raggedy minge?"

Lily Dustbin said...

"Vaginas are like leggings, they are making a comeback." That's my favourite quote of the year. Awesome post - I referenced it at and added you to my blogroll - love your blog!!

Aerron said...

Notice that...
It is FOR SALE!!!

Shirley said...

i don't want to see the lotion dispensers knit paddern that may be sold with this.

Anonymous said...