Friday, August 22, 2008

Well, I have always wanted a Ferrari

Today boys and girls we are going to talk about cars. Yes that is right, cars...on a knitting blog. I like cars, and would possibly venture to say I know more than your average gal. I like nice cars, expensive cars, performance cars. When I think high-end performance though, a few names come to mind. One of those is Ferrari. OOhhhh to own one......sleek, sexy, the utmost in performance....

Let's talk a bit about the different models offered. Oh let's just pick one, say the F355 perhaps. Manufactured in the mid-to late nineties, it is a sight to behold. A 3.5 liter, V8 powered coupe, rear wheel drive, red, sexy, amazing. Wait. What did you say? My specs are wrong?! How could that be?! I used to make a living in the automotive industry, don't tell me I got it wrong?! You say I did? Well then you tell me about the Ferrari F355.

What is that you say? The specs are Garter Stitch, size 17 needles, 12 miles of heavy weight yarn in tomato? Huh? That sounds like a knitting project pattern. What does that have to do with a Ferrari? Ohhhh...WTF?! See below....

So apparently a 22 year old college student from England decided to knit herself a Ferrari as a class project. I would like to know what sort of college class calls for a GIANT life-sized car made entirely out of yarn?! The video failed to mention her grade for this crafted creation on four knit wheels. I mean come on, it is either a big fat "F" for the pointlessness of it all or an "A" because the professor felt sorry for the poor gal wasting 10 months of her time on THIS. The video also failed to mention whether or not it is machine washable.

Now if any of you out there decide you want to knit yourself a car, I'd just like to give one bit of advice. Go knit yourself a Prius for goodness sake! Think of the environment!

Knitted Ferrari

Knitting and cars...two of my interests...but I never considered combining the two. Perhaps I'll go knit myself some tire cosies.

Many thanks to Chris and J. for finding today's treasure.