Monday, August 11, 2008

1985 called. They want their ties back!

Well first it started with Katie Holmes with her tight rolled jeans and her 80's hairdo, but folks brace yourselves, I think the 80's are coming back in style. At least if a few knitters and their Knit Ties have a say.

A few others to ponder:

My favorite, the Fuzzy Tie:

I am speechless, even trees are wearing knit ties:


Anonymous said...

Found you through FHOTD. This blog is too funny!

I also knit and am ridiculed because of all of the ugly blankets otherknitters and crocheters have made and given as gifts. Not everything knitted is ugly!!

My husband will be so excited if knit ties make a comeback, he still has his left over from the 80's!

Anonymous said...

The only thing you could use any of those for is to hang yourself after you ruin your Members Only jacket

Anonymous said...

I think knit ties are great. They should be worn everywhere... by trees. Not by people. Silk is no good outside - a nice knitted wool is so much better for a tree.

Kay said...

i graduated from catholic high school in say, early 2000s, and the guys who didn't want to fork over money for REAL ties wore "wine" and "navy" knit ties...i love them! brings back memories!!!!!!
i especially love the squared off ends!

Anonymous said...

Say what you like, but you can't open a GQ right now without seeing knit ties everywhere.

Anonymous said...