Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cold Bananas? I Can Help!

Do your bananas complain of cold? Do they get chilly at night sitting on your cold marble counter? Never fear! I can help with a tiny little knit sweater for your fruit!

Oh and no need to worry if the apples get jealous, you can knit them their own cosy, too!

The pattern boasts:

These cosies should help your fruit survive the knocks and bumps of the journey to work. They won't protect them from a good squashing, but they might soak up the mess if that does happen. The twin title comes from sets of twins I know: like the apple and banana, they are very different.

Now granted, I have been told I am different, but never once, not once have I damaged any fruit to the point that I have found myself contemplating buying it a sweater. (or padding of any kind for that matter) A plain old paper bag works just fine for me. It does, I promise. And just a side note here on the twins, I have a twin sister. I am short and round much like the apple, and my sister, well tall and thin and blonde like the banana. And speaking as the fat one, also known as the apple, please don't knit a round object to dress a FAT piece of fruit and think of me while naming it. It does not flatter me in the least.

With all of that being said, I actually think the banana cosy is cute! Pointless...but cute.


PCamy said...

The banana cozy is kind of cute. Totally pointless and a little silly, but cute. I would knit a scarf so I could stay warm instead!

skatej said...

I saw a better apple cozy elsewhere, they're cute but I don't think they function for any real purpose.

Anonymous said...

could you make the banana cozy with a reservoir tip

Sk8r Boi said...

The apple cozy reminds me of a sausage wallet that I used to have, I sure miss it

Anonymous said...

sausage wallet, I love mine!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it keeps certain parts warm!

To each is his own! LOL

Sk8r Boi said...

How would you know how big to make it since not everyone's banana is the same size and shape?

Anonymous said...

Banana cozy. Uh-huh.

I once started an "art" series which I was going to call Unnecessary Sweaters. US #1, a snake sweater, is the only one I've made (so far anyway, and it's been years... for some reason this is not high on my priority list). I was really thinking of animals that don't need sweaters - squids and hermit crabs were probably going to be next - but I suppose random inanimate objects could also have belonged.

Kay said...

ummm yeah it totally looks like they are a 2piece set....for men.

just sayin

Anonymous said...