Monday, August 11, 2008

It's a What?!

It's a penguin! Yes that is right, that scary little creature you see above you is supposed to be a penguin. OK, OK, so the bottom half I will give you. That looks like a penguin, but what in the world is that green thing devouring it's head? All I can think is that the penguin somehow migrated to a warm tropical beach town where it was attacked by a jelly fish.

I think penguins are cute, I really do, I might even considering giving a stuffed (or knitted for the sake of argument) penguin toy to a child, but I am sorry, that thing in the photo would give ME nightmares.

Where is his head? Is that supposed to be a hat? Where are his eyes or beak? Why did you decide to put a cthulha on it's head?


MayLady said...

It appears that Cthullu is eating the penguin.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a hat

bookmole said...

I would love to reblog this, but would like to know where you originally found it. I would like to link to there as the originator, then to you as to where I found it!

Great site BTW. Am reading from the first entry back, so might take me a while.

And I agree with Mylady - Cthullu IS eating a penguin.

kalliope said...

I second that Cthullu notion.

Kay said...

looks like a jellyfish is eating the penguin! awww

Stacey said...

Seriously, I clicked over here to post about it looking like a Cthulhu eating someone's brain. Seems that I'm not the only one who thought this! Anyway, I do have a couple of friends that would think a Cthulhu hat would be hilarious to have...and actually wear it out

Bunny said...

This is great! just Stumbled your blog and can't stop laughing. The Cthulhu "penguin" is the best of both I love both. Keep it up, Great blahg!!!

Anonymous said...