Thursday, October 2, 2008

For the Discriminating Male with the Halloween Fetish

It's finally getting close to Halloween! Time for ghosts, goblins, ugly sweaters, pumpkins, and candy corn paisties! I will try my best to feature as many creative (possibly bizarre) halloween knits as possible this month. Some might be good, some might be weird, some might beg the question "why would you knit that?," I'll let you be the judge. Enjoy!

Candy Corn paisties:

Spider Web Brassiere:

photos and patterns by: bohoknitterchic

Both patterns available free on Ravelry.


Kay said...

hmmm those looks like something my husband bought me....

Olga said...

Oh my. you call it corn, we call it WTF????

AverageMom said...

The spider web bra, I can ALMOST understand. The candy corn pasties? Really?!!!

Kristin Joy said...
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Alaskalainen said...

Just found your site, and wow! Definitely going on my blogroll. I'm a fan of the bizarre creations more than the wtf abominations -- some of my favorites have been the gas mask:
the creations of this etsy seller: and the "tit bits" on knitty:

Can't wait to see what sort of things you dig up though!

twincats said...

Congrats on filling a HUGE hole in the blogoshphere! You rawk, that is all.

Dana Watsham said...

Hm ... try making that spiderweb bra in a 40DD?

Anonymous said...