Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is it the Chinese New Year already?

Well folks, we have ourselves another knit dress. Just when I thought the last one was a sight to behold, check this one out. And what a steal! Purchasing the pattern will only cost you $7 and your dignity!

I think my favorite part is the wording in the ad for the pattern. It boasts:

first of all, if you have a little tummy to hide, no one will ever know it. It’s not so full that you’re going to have to worry about the wind blowing it up and yet the waist is high enough that no one will guess at our waist-line. So who cares if you had a scandalous affair with a hot fudge Sunday last week. puh-leeze!

Of course! Not a soul is going to notice your waistline, or your cleavage, or your legs, or anyone with you! They will be too busy staring at the puffy dress that I can't help but think reminds me of those Chinese lantern thingies. You know the ones. And trust me, if you made this dress and are wearing it, the last thing you should be worried about is that hot fudge sundae you ate last week!!


Just A Midwife said...

Is there a pattern to knit the wig as well? It's nearly as hideous as the dress (although if I was modeling that dress, I'd not want to be easily recognized either).

Kay said...

okok.... i can deal with the dress, that's fine... BUT i cannot understand the long yellow tassels on the straps...and yeah the model's hair and feet and footwear bother me too...was there no pattern for matching thigh high booties?

sm said...